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Posted on: 15th November 2020

I have been thinking of making this list of the applications I use on a daily basis for quite some time but I got the motivation to finish it up when did a similar post.

This list doesn’t include the supporting applications that make the Sway window manager work. That deserves another post altogether. I had it set up initially but haven’t made it modular and I don’t use the power of tiling windows to its full extent either. The matter of how I use the tiling window manager, the setup and dotfiles, and the various applications that keeps it chugging along feels like another post.

OS Artix
Terminal Emulator Alacritty
Shell Fish
Window Manager Sway
Browser Firefox
Gemini browser Amfora / Lagrange
Email Thunderbird
Mastodon Tootle
Reddit tuir
Podcasts castero
Games Gamehub
File Manager PC Man File manager
Text Editor Micro
Document viewer Zathura
ToDo Taskwarrior
Office LibreOffice
Video Celluloid
Images sxiv
Photo Editor Raw Therapee
Music cmus
Markdown Editor Apostrophe
eBooks Bookworm

Zathura is a relatively new addition and I found it via Hund’s post mentioned above. I was trying hard with mupdf for PDF files before this. Zathura is definitely an improvement.

This list is a mix of terminal and gui applications and might change in future as and when I discover better tools.

Day 47 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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