Being my own support

Posted on: 18th October 2020

In the past I have always found that writing down my thoughts help me gain clarity. Writing about my turmoil usually helps me reduce it. I can’t write about certain things publicly so I started writing them down in a private journal and that has given me a tremendous boost in morale. The dark thoughts no longer linger around in my mind and have found an anchor where I can tie them to and leave it unattended instead of letting it swirl endlessly in my head. Lately, I went a step ahead and in addition to recording the state of my mind, I started addressing myself to learn from my little notes. Harsh truths I don’t want to think about but becomes easier to digest when its addressed to me and read at a later point in time. It could be a reality check. It could be some steps to practice. It could be words I really needed to hear at some point. It could be conversations I wish had went some other way. The important thing is that I teach myself to recover from being a mess. Identifying my problem and devising solutions to it. Kinda being my own therapist. Its not a foolproof method but it helps me being my own support.

Day 27 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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