The trap is set

18 Jun 2020

As the summer rages on, we have had unexpected visitors at home. Flies. The god damn flies that get into the house the minute I open the back door to let the boys into the yard. I don’t have a mesh between the door and the outside to keep the door open and the myriad insects out but I do take extra care not to leave the door open. The flies don’t care. They are faster and smarter. My research on fly paper brought me to this TrapStik [Amazon Product Link]. Took a week for this to arrive. I have already seen my neighbor use this same product in their patio and it is effective. The glue is really sticky and I learned this the hard way after my carelessness got some papers and a sippy cup stick to it 🤦‍♂️️. Few cusses later and a generous application of oil on the sippy cup, I still have some glue residue on it. Like I said. Sticky. For now, this contraption hangs above the patio and my watchful eyes are on it. Eager to see some dead insects.

Day 21 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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