Open Source alternatives need commitment. And apps.

Posted on: 6th May 2020

Replacing Google Maps

I moved away from Facebook in last December and haven’t looked back. Deleting Facebook was easy. I didn’t use it much and whoever I need to be connected with were available by other means. Replacing Google Maps however has been hard. I have been intrigued by Open Street Maps and would try one or the other iOS apps but they would fail spectacularly. Yesterday I found an app that showed promise. Karta GPS Navigation & Maps. The link opens to iOS App Store. It has turn by turn navigation, finds businesses and shows their Yelp listing and works in offline mode as well like many other OSM based apps. And best of all, it’s not an eyesore. The Traffic data is free for the first 185 days and is a paid feature after that. But its a one time payment and not a subscription. Hopefully I can test it out soon on my next grocery run.

Photo Sharing

I have been trying to post on my pixelfed account and it’s supposed to federate with Mastodon but all I can see is my profile listing but no posts from it. Wrote to the pixelfed admins about this and hopefully its something they can look into. I have been debating whether to keep both Pixelfed and profile. Both serve different purposes though.

Day 10 - Join me in #100DaysToOffload

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