This is a post wondering about writing a post and enjoying reading other posts

Posted on: 3rd May 2020

I was going to write about the applications that I use most frequently on elementary and give a tiny review of each that doesn’t weigh you down with too much details but its 11:13 pm here and I don’t have the energy nor the inclination to write up a long post tonight. Maybe some other time. I don’t have any drafts ready to be posted or thoughts that just flow out magically. I envy others with that skill. Writing is a deliberate process for me and I marvel at the elaborate content and amazing stuff that arrives in my feed reader for this 100 day challenge. I find myself get lost reading about stuff that I don’t particularly care about because the writing is so captivating that you don’t want to stop. Being on fosstodon means regularly reading toots/blog posts from smart people about technical stuff most of which is way over my head but I learn a little from them every day.

I like seeing how the author starts a post, fleshes out the body of the subject and finishes the post with a flourish that concludes a satisfying read. I almost always struggle with concluding a post. What should I end the post with that ties together all that I have written above? Its one question that I always ask myself. Sometimes words fall in place and a sentence is born that does the job. Sometimes I write a whole paragraph wondering about it and never arrive at an answer… like this.

Day 7 - Join me in #100DaysToOffload

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